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Curved, wavy lettering in blue, black, and orange which reads "The Road to Wellville, a new comic chamber opera"

music: Matt Boehler

libretto: Tony Asaro

based on the novel by T.C. Boyle

  • Initial development sponsored by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with public presentation May 2024

  • Set at the turn of the 20th century, follows a Dickensian set of characters at John Harvey Kellogg's elite health spa in Battle Creek, Michigan

  • Ensemble cast of 12 (4 sop, 2 mez, 2 ten, 3 bar, 1 b-bar), doubling of some roles. Optional chorus. Chamber orchestration

A fast-paced, ensemble-based comedy about puritanism, fanaticism, and yogurt colonics.

Large lowercase lettering in hot pink which reads "Fat Pig"

music: Matt Boehler

libretto: Miriam Gordon-Stewart

based on the play by Neil LaBute

"What a beautiful, powerful, moving opera—one that

  should be produced by every company in the country

  looking for more intimate works."

                                                            Mark Campbell

              librettist of Silent Night and The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs

  • Premiered in 2022 with Victory Hall Opera in Charlottesville, VA

  • A sincere, moving chamber opera disguised as a 90s office rom-com

  • Features the first operatic role written expressly for a plus-sized performer as a romantic lead

  • Modest forces: 1 act, 95 minute duration, 4 singers, 6 instrumentalists

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