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it is enough (2017) 4.5'

scored for: soprano and cello

text: Erin Bregman

Commission / Premiere:

Guerilla Composers Guild

premiered by Winnie Nieh, soprano, and Matt Schwede, cello

Hot Air Music Festival, San Francisco CA; 03/06/2017

Watch / Listen:

Winnie Nieh, soprano; Evan Kahn, cello

About the work:

Inspired by the music of Lou Harrison, with its seemingly effortless simplicity and unabashedly beautiful lyricism, this piece explores Harrison's frequent use of what he called "melodicles:" miniature melodies structured out of only a few notes that are then elaborated upon through permutation techniques. Both the text and music are, by turns and degrees, meditative and ecstatic exercises in variation.

Harrison once quipped, "The Europeans are so greedy; they need to have all twelve notes. I want to have only five, but own them completely." Following in his footsteps, this piece, in its unfolding, uses only seven.

"The standout of the six composers featured was Matt Boehler, whose it is enough harnesses considerable expressive power through a wealth of textures, from sweeping arpeggios to humming and sliding semiharmonics."

- Rebecca Wishnia, San Francisco Classical Voice

"[Boehler] also distinguished himself by beginning the evening with a stunning miniaturist exercise entitled 'it is enough'...


"...this was music in which every minute moment carried its own share of the overall semantic weight; and the shifting shades of meaning arising from the permutation of the words was revealed through the clarity of Nieh’s diction and her secure sense of pitch, perfectly matched to the diversity of sonorities in Kahn’s execution."

- Steven Smoliar, The Rehearsal Room

it is enough
to be in this world

for a time

for a time
it is enough
to be in this world

to be in this world

for a time
it is enough



to be


                                                                                                                                              © 2017, Erin Bregman

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